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We're just guys who

If you have been in love with fishing as far back as you we can remember your one of us. From the pond on the farm, to the winding rivers through the hills and valleys of our nation to the shores of the Gulf and the Atlantic  the thrill of making the perfect cast or selecting the bait of the day is something that is passed on from generation to generation and shared at camp sites and dinner tables every day. 

Age brings the relentless search

As the years roll by and the fishing tales of years past echo in your mind there is always another adventure another chance to create a new memory or story  to be shared by friends and family for generations to come. 

Who We Are, Why are we here

We are a generation of guys who love to fish.  Guys can be male or female, young or old, richer or poorer any race or culture, the fish don't have a clue who is casting that bait. Fun, Fun, Fun until time takes the fishing pole away. We are here to share fishing techniques and stories that have no age. Our only goal is to make a guy smile when he posts or reads something on our site that can improve a guys fishing. 


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Just a bunch of fishing buddies